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A recent story that has been viewed over seven million times on youtube and has become top stories on national television, is the heart breaking story of young Amanda Todd. Amanda was a beautiful, confident and fun-loving fifteen year old girl who came from Port Coquitlam in Columbia. Before her death, she left behind a depressing YouTube clip, expressing her thoughts and feelings with her experience with cyberbullying, through the use of handmade flash cards. This is her story…

At the age of twelve, Amanda met a man online who was flattering her. She later fell in ‘love’ with the man and at his request, she flashed him over Skype. During the skyping session, Amanda was unaware that the man was taking screen shots of her breast and storing them for later use. He proceeded to follow her on the Internet for years, and soon decided that he wanted her to ‘put on another show’, but she refused. Annoyed at her response, he went through her friends list on Facebook and sent the photo of her boobs to classmates, parents, teachers and relatives of Amanda’s. This event then caused bullying not just over the Internet, but also bullying of her classmates in school. To cope with the harassment and abuse, Amanda descended into drugs, alcohol, ill-advertised flirtations and sex. She attempted suicide many times, before finally succeeding by hanging herself in her family home, one month before her sixteenth birthday.

This link below is the video that Amanda Todd made one day before she committed suicide.
Amanda’s Story

Amanda Todd



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