Personal Reflection

During my research and studies, I have extended my knowledge on cyberbullying and how serious this social justice issue actually is. I have realised the shocking extent to which victims of cyberbullying have gone though and reading the many stories about the real life examples, have made me think twice about what I say about people online, and to think about the consequences which I may face if that person found out. I know for a fact that I have been cyberbullied before and it tore my life apart, as well as the relationships between me and my family and friends. No one should ever have to experience cyberbullying. The statistics that I read about this issue was horrible, yet quite interesting. Did you know that four out of ten children come home to what they expect to be a safe and welcoming place, but actually is an unpleasant and depressing place, where abusive and harassing messages and text are constantly being delivered into their family homes, ruining family time and relationships.

Through my research, I have come up with a list of tips on how to avoid and prevent cyberbullying. Here are some guiding tips:
– Keep a record or screen shot any abusive or hurtful messages that you have witnessed and report these messages to a trusted mature adult
– You have the option to block, report or delete bullies, so don’t be afraid too
– Check your privacy settings every few months and adjust them to what you and your parents feel comfortable with
– Don’t reply to any harassing or abusive texts, emails or messages, as you will look just as bad as your bully
– Keep your passwords private and never share any personal information with anyone
– Log out of your social networking sites after using them, as this can prevent bullies from hacking into your accounts and pretending to be you online.

Cyberbullying is becoming more and more popular as a form of bullying, partially due to the fact of the amount of technology that has been brought into the homes and lives of families everywhere. Society needs to become more aware of the consequences of cyberbullying and to be more accepting of others, as everyone is unique in their own different way. As children of God, we need to love one another and treat one another as we would like to be treated and to accept the differences of others.

Amanda’s story has inspired many to do something about cyberbullying to help protect those who are affected by online bullying everyday. I too someday hope too also stop cyberbullying and to give love, hope and guidance to those who are suffering.

Cyberbullying Awareness Video


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