Cyber bullying is a serious children’s right and public health issue that affects the mental health of young children from the age of ten, right through to mature adults. It is a kind of harassment or bullying that is done by the use of technology, such as social networking sites (e.g Facebook, twitter, Messenger, MySpace and tumblr), text messages, emails, and also by the incorrect use of a camera, as bullies try to embarrass of publicly humiliate their victims.

It has become the world most ‘popular’ form of bullying, as it is an easy way to harass, embarrass and abuse someone, and easily get away with it. Some ways in which these bullies try to expose your identity and personal life, is by sending threatening messages through social networking sites, email or text, posting or sending videos or images of you online or to other people, or by spreading rumours and posting hurtful or abuse things about you online, or via text. By stealing your online identity, by stealing passwords or email addresses, pretending to be you online.

Cyber bulling is a is a major social justice concern that devastates and destroys the life’s of innocent people, affecting their relationships with their families and can lead to social issues. It’s is a horrific way to torment the minds of many people and can cause victims of cyberbullying to turn to physical abuse upon themselves, such as cutting or slitting their wrists or thighs, descending to drugs, alcohol and sex, and in worse case, some committing suicide, as they feel as if they just cannot deal with being bullied anymore.




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