Background theory

Cyberbullying is a world wide concern and is becoming more and more popular, due to the fact that the use of technology is increasing, as new technology is being released and brought into our lives. It does not only affect children but also adults, and the average age that cyberbullying becomes an issue, is mainly between the ages of thirteen to seventeen, which is causing many victims to loose their self esteem and social skills at a young age, finding it hard to trust people that are involved in their life.

Young girls and teens are more likely to become victims of cyberbullying and 58% of cyberbullying has been done, as bullies believe that it is an easy way to get back at someone. 90% of teenagers who are victims of cyberbullying don’t inform their parents about the abuse and more than 25% of adolescences are experiencing cyberbullying right now.

It makes victims feel depressed, stressed, unworthy, guilty for something they haven’t done, alone ,rejected and also very unsafe and afraid of their peers. This has caused many victims to consider suicide as a possible option to run away from everything they are having to experience. It is the hardest issue to control as anyone can take part and view what has been said or taken, making it extremely difficult to remove, as the content can be easily saved in numerous places, and then shared among others.



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